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The Young Avenger
4.5/10 by 2 users
Title:The Young Avenger
Release: 1972-04-20
Runtime: 82 min.
Genre: Action
Stars: Shih Szu, Elliot Ngok, Fan Mei-Sheng, Tang Ti, Tung Lam, Chen Yan-Yan
Overview: After a career spanning more than forty years and dozens of films as director or writer, Yueh Feng used everything he learned on a final few martial arts epics, of which this is one of the most memorable. It's not easy to forget a hunchbacked, one-armed protagonist, nor the "Poisonous Dragon Sword" style, nor the luminous and lethal Shih Szu as the title swordswoman, who is out to avenge her father's death at the mid-autumn festival.