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Title:Lighter and Princess
Genre: Drama
First Air Date: 2022-11-03
Last Air Date: 2022-12-06
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 36
Runtime: 45 min
Overview: As soon as Zhu Yun started college life, the world was completely turned upside down by the intrusion of "bad boy" Li Xun. He was regarded by Zhu Yun as a rich, ignorant and incompetent son, but his real identity was actually a special admissions student who was admitted by the school, and a rare programming genius. After several confrontations, the two have some appreciation for each other. The senior Fang Zhijing made things difficult for Zhu Yun many times, Li Xun took action to protect Zhu Yun, and invited her to join the preparation team he set up to win a major programming competition on behalf of the school.
Stars: Arthur Chen (Li Xun), Zhang Jingyi (Zhu Yun), Zhao Zhiwei (Gao Jianhong), Jenny Zeng (Ren Di), Cui Yuxin (Fang Zhijing), Qian Didi (Xu Lina), Jiang Zixin (Fang Shumiao), Ma Ke (Tian Xiuzhu), Zhang Xilin (Dong Siyang), Tu Song-yan (Zhu Guangyi), Zhao Ziqi (Liu Ailin), Jill Hsu (Li Lan), Cao Yang (Xiao Liuzi)