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6.3/10 by 7 users
Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
First Air Date: 2022-10-29
Last Air Date: 2022-12-17
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 9
Runtime: 24 min
Overview: In the wake of unknown Catastrophes in the heart of Terra, a mineral of unimaginable power has been discovered. With it, society's technology has made huge leaps and bounds, but the substance causes a deadly incurable disease, leading to a worldwide enslavement of the infected. As a rebellion is now on the rise, a pharmaceutical company races for a cure to save humanity.
Stars: Tomoyo Kurosawa (Amiya (voice)), Yuki Kaida (Doctor (voice)), Atsumi Tanezaki (Dobermann (voice)), Takashi Matsuyama (Ace (voice)), Ayane Sakura (Nearl (voice)), Shizuka Ishigami (Ch'en (voice)), Kiyono Yasuno (Hoshiguma (voice)), Ai Kakuma (Franka (voice)), Yui Ishikawa (Liskarm (voice)), Manaka Iwami (Exusiai (voice)), Azusa Tadokoro (Texas (voice)), Risa Taneda (Meteorite (voice)), Yoko Hikasa (Kal'tsit (voice)), Koichi Yamadera (Wei Yenwu (voice)), Momo Asakura (Medic (voice)), Chiaki Kobayashi (Guard (voice)), Maaya Sakamoto (Talulah (voice)), Sayaka Senbongi (Crownslayer (voice)), Kohei Amasaki (Mephisto (voice)), Shun Horie (Faust (voice)), Satsumi Matsuda (Misha (voice)), Risae Matsuda (Skullshatterer (voice)), Ayana Taketatsu (W (voice)), Junhua Feng (博士 (voice)), Dian Tao (阿米娅 (voice)), Niang Gui (杜宾 (voice)), Xueting Mu (临光 (voice)), Jenny Zhang (陈 (voice)), Xinchun Cai (星熊 (voice)), Zhong Ke (陨星 (voice)), Menglu Yang (德克萨斯 (voice)), Lei Huang (凯尔希 (voice)), Xiang Xu (浮士德 (voice)), Ruan Congqing (W (voice)), Shuang Liang (米莎/碎骨), Zhou Shuai (塔露拉 (voice))